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Trig Consulting Limited was formed in London in 1997. Although most of its consultancy business arises from the London financial markets, consultants have been placed in client sites in, amongst other places, Guam, Brazil, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Australia and New Zealand.

In financial services, Trig advises major corporate clients on financial IT systems, carries out corporate strategy evaluation, and offers project management skills. Specific competencies are:
  • strategy evaluation: technical and financial analysis of business strategies
  • financial systems management: evaluation, implementation, and development of systems and methods
  • process re-engineering: product and process assessment, tender specifications, communication and personnel strategies
  • network and system planning: design, implementation and support services

The economics division of Trig Consulting advises on
  • business process design, focusing on objective setting, risk and the development of appropriate metrics
  • research commissioning and use
  • evaluation of projects pre-and post-implementation
  • confidential government data: management use, and policy development
as well as carrying out commissioned research.

government data division focuses on
  • policy design for effective exploitation of data resources
  • data security: development of evidence-based strategies for secure use
  • Research Data Centre design and management
For details of all these operations, please see the services page. For specific enquiries, please email us.

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