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GAUSS is a matrix programming language, well suited to econometric and statistical applications. GAUSS is fast and very powerful, but requires the user to learn some basic programming skills. This can be a significant commitment and the available learning resources are of variable quality and few and far between.

This site contains links to some of Felix Ritchie's code snippets, contact details for a query, news about this site and GAUSS, and a guide to programming GAUSS. This last item is the core of this site. The guide is intended to teach users how to program in GAUSS, rather than showing them how to solve specific problems (although it does include most of the basics along the way).

Anja Skrba from Webhostinggeeks.com has provided a Serbo-Croat translation of the introductory pages.

Dr Ritchie provides private training and consultancy in GAUSS. For details, please email him.

Other places of interest to new users of GAUSS include
Felix Ritchie can be contacted