Project Management

Growing organisations constantly introduce small improvements that they can make and absorb internally. Periodically they need to make step changes. Trig Consulting is ideally placed to work with the organisation to plan and implement the step change in the most effective manner.

We provide a range of advisory and delivery services that help SMEs manage change effectively. Areas we cover include:

  1. Project & Programme Delivery
  2. Project Governance
  3. Managing Change
  4. Communications Management
  5. Stakeholder Management
  6. Benefits Realisation
  7. Project Reviews

Illustrative Projects :

  1. Reduction in customer service response time
  2. Merge multiple databases to create one database of unique customers
  3. Efficiency improvements within supply chain
  4. Reduction in business expenses
  5. Sourcing and implementing the infrastructure for a startup
  6. Business restructuring to reduce staff